Our Work

Mrs. Megan Peterson's General Music Classes consisting of 439 6th graders will have the opportunity to perform on authentic world instruments and research different types of world music.  This experience provides students with a persona connection to the different cultures around the world through music.  

The Foundation provided 10 books on world music for research, 1 CD collection of authentic world ensembles and 1 African Xylophone for student performances.  The grant was valued at $470.50.

St. Charles East club members have worked together on this long-term project for about 4 years.  The goal has been to completely refurbish a 1972 Porsche 914. After completing 85% of the work, funds ran short.  The foundation awarded the club $1100.00 to complete the work.

Due to the grant award, students were able to purchase parts and complete the work on the engine and interior of the car. Club members were then able to accompany their car to McCormick Place and compete at the Chicago World of Wheels custom vehicle show where their car won "Best in Class" in the '68 - '82 Conservative Sports category and "Outstanding in Class" in the high school challenge category.