Media Carts

In June, 2007 the Education Foundation announced a two year commitment to donate more than $70,000 to equip each District 303 school with a state of the art mobile presentation cart.   Each cart contains the latest in multi-media technology, including an ELMO document camera, wireless laptop computer, LCD projector, VCR/DVR player and speakers all contained in a secure, mobile workstation.

The Foundation initially awarded a cart to each of the 12 elementary schools in the fall of 2007and two more carts were presented to the high schools in 2008.   The Foundation completed it's pledge by donating a cart to the middle schools over the summer of 2009.

The Foundation worked closely with the District 303 Information Technology organization in the selection of components included in the media carts to insure compliance with District 303 standards.  The integrated system provides students, teachers and administrators with the latest in portable presentation technology in a secure mobile workstation.